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  • Unlimited 4G LTE
  • No Throttling
  • No Contract Required
  • No Credit Check


  • Unlimited 4G LTE
  • No Throttling
  • No Contract Required
  • No Credit Check

$159.99 /month

  • 100GB/Month
  • No Throttling
  • No Contract Required
  • No Credit Check


Our services will allow you to enjoy an unlimited high-speed internet. Services are available for any user who wants an uninterrupted internet connection at their home, office, or for travelling purposes. We use the best cellular technologies of the latest trends, from the best technology providers. The whole process can be completed in only 1-2 days.


We will provide you with options that are available in your area, so that you can register as a member in the category that best suits you. Our Membership Plans can be accessed on our website- there you can read about the packages and select the package that covers your internet requirements best.


Comlink Internet’s hotspots and modems can be connected quickly to the cellular towers that are nearby, which will provide you with the best LTE services.


We have unlimited high-speed internet plans for members of Comlink Internet. Once you are registered as a member, you are an essential part of our community, and we will be pleased to provide you with the fastest, most responsive internet in your area.


We have unlimited high-speed internet plans for the members of Comlink Internet. Once you get registered as a member, you are an essential part of our community, i.e., making you stay connected. Moreover, we will maintain the connection with you by providing you the wireless, responsive and fastest internet.

3 Days Plan with Money-Back Guarantee and No Risks

‘Do you want an unlimited 4G LTE connection, wherever you go? Get this service, try it without any risk and get to know how a real and fast internet connection works!’

“Unlimited Plans for just Mobile Data? We have got plans for your whole home!”

You are probably carrying unlimited data plans and packages for your mobile services, but what about other devices at your home? If you think your unlimited mobile plan can cater all your other devices too, it is not true. It is only unlimited for your mobile phone. Our internet services are designed to provide you services for each device that you have in your home, with unlimited plans and packages that are affordable and attractive. Whether you are at home or at your office, you can connect devices like your phone, TV, laptops, etc. and you will get the best quality service by doing so

Unlimited Wi-Fi for EVERY connected device

Unlimited Wi-Fi for EVERY connected device

Human Support

Rich Documentation

Unlimited Phone Data


We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. Comlink Internet has been working on such projects for years, and that is why we are offering an unlimited high-speed internet. Our services are available at very affordable rates that will give every user access to the fastest internet. As mentioned, we do not offer any throttled or limited internet, which is why we believe that you will enjoy Comlink Internet and all that it has to offer. Our mission is to ‘provide a perfect data plan to every user with the best internet services.’

Comlink internet does not require a contract or credit check. Our various plans run month-to-month, but it is important to know that each payment that you make will be a pre-payment for the next month. Also, If Comlink Internet does not meet your needs, you can cancel the subscription by letting us know and returning the device, but we will keep charging you until the device is returned.

A minimal range of data is allowed on mobile phones, which can range from 8-10 GB of usage, but with Comlink Internet you will receive unlimited data that can be used on any device. Whether it is an office or home, Comlink internet will give you the best service with a high-speed wireless connection.

You can find different colors representing our wireless high-speed internet packages. The main difference in each plan of network is the coverage. This means that you can view the areas and locations covered by each carrier and select a plan according to the coverage in your area. For more help regarding these networks and packages, please contact us using the provided information on the ‘Contact Us’ page i.e., www.comlinkinternet.com/contact-us.

Our primary devices are routers and hotspots. Routers make the best option when being used in offices and homes because of their high and wide range connectivity. We also provide hotspots that run on a battery that is designed in a way to give you the best Wi-Fi solution. All our devices are delivered to you setup and configured, so all you will need to do is turn on the switch and the internet will be ready for use. Are you ready to say goodbye to your old internet setup and welcome Comlink Internet today?


If there is any issue regarding the plan that you have selected or the network is slower than you may have expected, you are always covered by our returning policy with refunds and no risk. Just return the device, get a refund, and select a different plan that best suits you. Please note that slower networks may be due to the minimized coverage at your location, or there may be a small number of cellular towers, which can result in congestion or too much load in your area.

Join Comlinkinternet.com and become a Member of The Best High-Speed Wireless Internet Providers!

‘No limit of data, no limit of areas, just keep on enjoying the best internet for the perfect connectivity.’

More than 100,000 Customers are joining every day because they are getting the Best Coverage in their area.

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