Refund policy


If you become a member of Comlink Internet, you will get 7 days after the exact date you received the equipment to test the device and the service that we have provided to you. If the device does not meet your expectations, you will get the refund of both the one-time membership fee and the product payment. The refund will be sent to you if you return the device within 7 days. If the device does not get shipped back to us within 7 days from the date that you have received it, it is no longer our responsibility. When returning the device, it should be returned including all of the equipment that was sent to you, i.e., chargers, antennas, etc. If the 7 day period has passed, you can still return the device, but you will only get a refund for either the membership fee or the monthly subscription fee of the product that you have bought.


If you want to cancel the subscription, please keep in mind that the device is under the property of Comlink Internet and the equipment should be returned in such manner

The subscription cancellation will only be considered once the device has been returned to Comlink Internet. Moreover, the tracking system shows that the company has received the unit.

The equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was sent to you. There should be no changes made to it, not even a minor change like adding an adhesive, etc. Any changes made to the device are considered unacceptable.

If the customer refuses to return the device or returns it with any changes that are not acceptable, it can directly be claimed for the device replacement fee i.e., $140 for the hotspots and $300 for the Mofi routers.
If you want to return the device after the 7-day returning policy, you will bear the shipping expense yourself. Moreover, shipping charges will not be refunded.
The time required for the exchanged product to reach your address can be different for everyone. This will depend upon the distance of your delivery address.

If the device costs more than $75 and you are shipping it, you should always use the tracking system for safety purposes, as there is no guarantee that the product will reach us.

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